Wednesday, 12 November 2014

The beginning - why the Bkool?

In the beginning there was a 41 year old man, me, willing to train and willing to invest in some gadgets to motivate winter training. But also to find an efficient way of training at home when there is little time, e.g. after having picked up kids from school and before preparing dinner.

The training level is far from pro level, but I have a genuine interest in getting better in the sports I do. The sports are all endurance sports in one or other way. Main sport is orienteering, but I love cross country skiing, running and biking as well. After many years riding MTB more than the road bike I have picked up the road bike in 2014 again and wanted to buy a trainer for the winter season, but also for the rest of the year to be able to have a quick training session at home at any time throughout the year.

The Bkool attracted my attention as a competent training tool with instant access to a lot of films and fun sessions that could make training more fun. Reading DCRainmakers post about the first generation Bkool and then the launch of the new version in 2014 - with the promise of 3D visualization of any rout in the world made the deal. I picked mine up from and got it delivered on November the 4th.

Since I wanted to try out the 3D visualization I created a handfull of sessions from gpx-files on the Bkool site. But to my surprise when I tried the trainer for the very first time they did not show up as 3D-visualsation.

First email to the support - answer was that rendering 3D sessions will take time. Not the perfect answer when it is marketed as "3D is created instantly as you pedal".  Then I had some issues with exporting the files and creating a plan. I could not get fast respons from the support so I looked for a user forum. Found non, and decided to start writing about my experience and hope that some one else could learn from my experience, and perhaps help me to find solutions to my issues.

I hope that my initial frustration with the system not working soon will be turned around to all positive experience and then my post can focus on great things one can do and not issues I have found. I'm still at the stage where I as an early adopter are thinking of weather I have paid to be a beta tester or if the struggle is just part of being first on a new system.

If you want a full walk through of the trainer you DC Rainmaker have done the perfect article, so there is no need for me to do that again: (about version 2) (In depth review of version 1)


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