Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Setting up and viewing a training plan with Bkool

So I just tried to set up a training plan in Bkool using the built in tool for plans. "The more information we have about you the better plan we can make". Logical! One preferred input was to do an FTP-test, cycling 20 minutes in 2% uphill to see what the average power is. This will decide your classification, e.g. how good a cyclist you are, and therefore limit the training plans available.

For me, I bought the trainer with an idea to practise for V├Ątternrundan, a 300 km race in Sweden. An initial target is to do this sub 9 hours. Non of the training plans available was near that target... I guess that either
a) I'm in bad shape to start with
b) the training plans available does not fit the type of race I'm targeting.

Conclusion: I would have preferred more things to select from and not being limited to a few training plans. Bkool could have said "we recommend you to take one of these plans" but if I want to go harder I should have the choice.

Anyhow, I picked a plan that was "Do 90 km in 3 hours". You then specify how many times you want to practise "2-4 times a week". State what days in the week and how long a session maximum should be... and "create".

Looks like it is working, now my calendar is populated with events. Nice and simple!

But when looking at the calendar and drilling down to more information i end up in the 404 page (which is one of the nicest designed 404-pages I've seen in a long time if that is a comfort). Look at this:
Bkool - can you have a look at this please? There seems to be something broken here.

I hope that it is behind this broken link that I can find information about what how long the session is supposed to be, what I should do, e.g. intervals, hilly, flat, slow tempo but long time etc. This type of information can not be found right now anywhere, at least where I'm looking.

Anyone got other experiences on working with plans at for your indoor trainer? Share your thoughts and experiences please.

Another issue I experience is that I can not see my sessions from the plan in the simulator. According to the FAQ at this is how it should work:

In the simulator.. Every time you go into simulator, you'll see a section labeled "Plan" where you'll find the sessions in your training plan so you can begin as soon as you want.

But when I start the simulator I get this:

I believe I follow the FAQ, but I do not see any sessions.


  1. A ride will appear there on the day you're meant to do it..

  2. I had similar experience last year setting up a training plan. I followed it religiously for a month but soon gave up after that as I found it was far too easy and wasting my time. I wanted a plan that would push me to work harder. The weather improved soon after and I joined my friends on the road again and got fitter that way. Now that it's winter again I want a plan to follow for at least the next 3 months so am looking at it again.

  3. i tried using the plan creator. i want to increase my ftp. (doesnt everyone!) but there is no option for this. so i chose one of the selection. i then looked at the plan and it was going to be unbelievably monotonous. so i gave up and started designing own workouts. ended up with four workouts scheduled for tomorrow. could find no way of specifying the date, nor moving them nor deleting them.
    if i am failing to do the obvious then apologies but if not, then i want my money back!