Saturday, 15 November 2014

Scheduling sessions - be aware, there is no turning back...

I was on the Bkool site, looking at potential session in the iPad while a preparing lunch. I found a session that looked interesting but when clicked on it I accidently scheduled it as a session I wanted to do.

Oups, that was not the intention. On the page Sessions > Scheduled I now can find it scheduled for tomorrow - the session called "Fartlek"
In this view there is nowhere I can click to get into more details about the session. For that I have to head over to My Activity > Calendar:
By hovering over the symbols of the sessions I can find out what session it was, click on it and end up on the detailed page:
However - there is no delete button on this page. Quick email to the support again, this time answered within an hour, thanks for that. But the reply was "sorry, you can not delete a session that is scheduled."

What? Not OK. So I asked them when that will be implemented, but the answer was that it was thought of but not implemented and no date set to when. OK, I can live with this flaw, rather have them put focus on making the 3D work.


  1. I believe any scheduled sessions are removed automatically if you don't perform that session by the date specified, which I believe I've seen as a session scheduling option.

  2. It's anything though, no ability to delete sessions or training etc - basic functionality imo and therefore should come before being able to change jersey colour!! VERY POOR BKOOL

  3. Fully agree - this is a very basic functionality!

  4. If you change the date to one in the past they disappear from the list

  5. Me too, I fully agree!
    @ David, how can you change date on a already scheduled session?

    1. Select sessions and scheduled. Click through See, Edit, Detail and change session date to any date in the past and finally hit edit. Voila it's gone.

    2. Is this still valid? When I clik on See on the programmed route it doesn't allow me to do anything, only schedule AGAIN if it one of my routes. But a route created by another I get no edit options. And the Edit button beside See is non functional. Thanks

    3. Hi
      Unfortunely I do not know if it is still valid. I stopped using BKOOL after the return of my unit two years ago. Bought a Tacx last winter and instead running Zwift. Will probably never go back. Zwift is to good and fun. So I bought a second Tacx trainer this winter so we can be two training at the same time in the family.