Sunday, 16 November 2014

Competing with others - the multiplayer feature!

So, it was time to try out another new thing yesterday - the multiplayer feature and the Alpe d'Huez climb. One very cool feature, one very scary climb.

There was only one way to prepare, and that was to dig out the old Mercantone Uno-outfit from the 90:s, pretend that I was light and fast as Marco Pantani and to start to climb...

The climb was harder than I thought, but I never saw any opponents. Again one of those features that made me buy the Bkool that did not work as I expected. I wonder what happened to all the opponents I set up? Let's go through what I did.

In the session section of the you can between all kinds of sessions to build your training around. Right now the tool listed 252 498 different sessions to choose between.

  • Video-sessions of well known climbs from e.g. Tour de France and the Vuelta uploaded by the Bkool-staff
  • Video that Bkool-user have uploaded with the help of the video editor provided by Bkool.
  • 3D visualisation, called 3D world by Bkool, where the marketing says ride anywhere in the world and create your 3D visualization from e.g. a gpx-route (this feature is not working really as advertised as of now since it is taking ages and ages for Bkool to convert the tracks. I uploaded a handfull of tracks three weeks ago and non of them have been processed yet, so it does not really invite for spontaneous 3D racing)
  • Map-mode, just visualize a rout on the map and see the profile of the track
  • etc.
Most popular of the sessions is the Alpe d'Huez session. 12,3 km climb with average of climb of 8,71%.
Once I have selected a session I can change some parameters, and add opponents to the session. If others have done the session earlier I can add them as opponents. 
But I can also add boots, that are on the same fitness level as I am to have as opponents/company.
So I added a whole bunch of other Bkool users previous races, and five of each type of boot. Almost there to start racing, just have to fill up the water bottle, run on the fan and start Spotify (yes, the integration is Beta so it does not work, so it has to run in the background).

Of I go, looking forward to see how the HD-video works, and to see how the opponents are going to show up. To my big surprise I do not see any opponents being visualized throughout the whole race, neither in video view, map view or anything else. And I can tell you, it was not because I was faster and left them behind. This was sort of a disappointment. What did I miss? Surely I could not have misunderstood the "compete against friends and boots" that it only means they show upp in the result list and not through out the race?

Bkool - where did the opponents go? How does this feature work? Time to send an email to support again and let's see what they answer.


  1. I have setup sessions every day for the past 2 weeks with 4-8 ghost and bot opponents, and I have not had a problem. It's actually one of my favorite features of the BKOOL software, since it allows me to view everyone who has finished a course before, and I always select "ghost" riders who are a little better and faster than me, and then I try to keep up as long as I can. It's a great way to improve.

  2. To see opponents, you have to unset individual mode in configuration