Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Bug report to support on wrong link in email

Dear support,
I just got an email from you saying I was beaten in a challenge. The message says the profile of the user that beat me, highlighted with a link. When clicking the profile link I am transported to the website, and presented to my fitness level tab of my profile.

I suppose this is a bug? Or do you try to demonstrate that my fitness level is so low, and that is why I was beaten?

Web site bug - just a post to explain an error on the website to the support

This is just a post to display a bug on the bkool-website for their support regarding viewing other users profiles.

Monday, 17 November 2014

No Bkool web service - no training?

Time for another session on my Bkool, at least that was my plan. But when I started up the simulator I got this respons: Web server error (BadGateway) So what do I do now? I can obviously not train on my trainer...

Sunday, 16 November 2014

Competing with others - the multiplayer feature!

So, it was time to try out another new thing yesterday - the multiplayer feature and the Alpe d'Huez climb. One very cool feature, one very scary climb.

There was only one way to prepare, and that was to dig out the old Mercantone Uno-outfit from the 90:s, pretend that I was light and fast as Marco Pantani and to start to climb...

The climb was harder than I thought, but I never saw any opponents. Again one of those features that made me buy the Bkool that did not work as I expected. I wonder what happened to all the opponents I set up? Let's go through what I did.

Fitness level - how does it work?

[Updated 2014-12-11 with an answer at the end of the post]

When setting up my profile at I was asked to take a FTP test, or UPF. Don't ask me what it stands for... I happened to click a link called FTP test on the site, with the hope of reading more and all of a sudden a test was added to my scheduled work outs. I thought I clicked the wrong link so I went back to the same page, and clicked the link again - so now I have two FTP tests in my schedule. And as I have found out before there is no way to delete scheduled sessions...

Saturday, 15 November 2014

Scheduling sessions - be aware, there is no turning back...

I was on the Bkool site, looking at potential session in the iPad while a preparing lunch. I found a session that looked interesting but when clicked on it I accidently scheduled it as a session I wanted to do.

Oups, that was not the intention. On the page Sessions > Scheduled I now can find it scheduled for tomorrow - the session called "Fartlek"

Thursday, 13 November 2014

Exporting a session from the Bkool site

On the site I can see my the training sessions I've done as well as the planned sessions I have. There is a nice page where I can analyze a session and see data like hart rate, power, speed etc. And also the fictive gps-route if the session contained a map file.

But I keep my main training log in two other places. For me that is Garmin connect, since my main gps-watch is a Garmin Forerunner. The other place is the Swedish social training community called